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Quinn's Orphanage

Quinn's Orphanage

Quinn Lucille Bartrug Memorial


(Donations after March 3, 2017 are used to fund the support team being sent to India for the orphanage opening, in addition, to any necessary orphanage supplies)

About Quinn Bartrug

Quinn Lucille Bartrug was born in the early morning hours of September 28, 2016 to Cody and Ginger Bartrug. In the late night hours of September 29, 2016, she passed in the arms of her father and mother after suffering a fatal brain bleed. 

While her life was short lived, her legacy was not. Providentially, her name means "Counselor of Light". Part of her ongoing legacy will be to bring light to children who currently live in the dark slums of India without family, food, water or shelter.  This winter, we will break ground on the Quinn Bartrug Memorial Orphanage and clean water well for children in India. A dozen orphans at a time will be given a home, food, clean water and love. 

About Children In India

Many impoverished families living in rural regions of India struggle greatly to feed, clothe and educate their children. Unfortunate children who suffer the death, imprisonment or abandonment of one or both parents have little to no assistance from their government and 95% of the time end up in 1 of 3 tragic situations:

  1. Forced child labor
  2. Begging on the streets
  3. Sold or forced into the sex trade.

We are asking friends, families and anyone passionate about Quinn's legacy, or orphaned children, to give resources in order to provide a home, caretakers, food, clean-water and education for 12 of these precious children until the age of 18.

100% of the money raised for projects is directed toward the following:

  • Land acquisition
  • Materials and labor
  • Home construction
  • Furnishings

We are deeply honored that Quinn's name and legacy will headline this project. Please know that even the smallest gift helps and that you will have a hand in promoting Quinn's legacy in bringing light to countless at-risk children in India.

Donations can be given at Construction began Christmas 2016.