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Our Partners

Our Partners

Autonomous, Not Isolated


We are, in essence, an independent church. Every SBC church is completely autonomous. We are not subject to the hierarchical control of any ecclesiastical or denominational body. Each church is self-governed and determines its own affairs. For example:

  • Every SBC church chooses its own elders/pastors.
  • Every SBC church owns its own buildings and assets.
  • Every SBC church determines its own programs and polity.
  • Every SBC church is free to contextualize its mission to the unique culture it is part of. 


Pioneers mobilizes teams to glorify God among unreached peoples by initiating church-planting movements in partnership with local churches. Pioneers is an evangelical mission movement with 2,593 international members serving on 248 church-planting teams in 95 countries among 180 people groups in 100 languages. For more than 35 years, Pioneers' passion has been to see God glorified among those who are physically and spiritually isolated from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anthem Church currently supports church-planters on the ground to unknown people groups in India to Make Jesus Known.


Through the SBC's Cooperative Program we help support over 5,300 missionaries who are engaging more than 1,100 different people groups around the world. While we support the SBC in global missions, we do not send delegates to the annual convention. Further, this enables us to network with the local seminary


Churches Helping Churches is a global partnership of church communities who seek to rebuild other churches in the wake of a catastrophic natural disaster. Our efforts are intended to provide spiritual support and development aid to the pastors and their churches who are often the de facto leaders in these affected communities, as a complement to the initial waves of humanitarian aid that pour into a country in the wake of a disaster.